Loxford PCN is improving the availability of GP services across Loxford!
Enhanced Access is a national stipulated directive that we are currently working on developing the best way patients can be offered GP surgery services outside of core GP hours (8am-6.30pm). These appointments will ensure we deliver services tailored to our patients needs providing convenient access to GP services. We hope that the proposed changes allow us to further our work on local health priority areas that require more support. Priory areas are:

  • Health inequalities
  • Cancer screening
  • Immunisations
    We are consulting with patients to ensure our proposed plans meet their needs. We are proposing:
    -Time of appointments :1830-2000 (Mon-Fri) and 0900-1700 (Saturdays)
    -Location of appointments: Site within our area
    Patients can expect a service that will be run by a team of clinicians, a mix of face to face and remote, pre bookable consultations available up to 2 weeks in advance ensuring the service is accessible to all. We want patients to have more choice, flexibility in accessing an appointment. The increase will extend capacity allowing for routine appointments for those who need multiple support.
    Please email any comments to loxfordpcn.careco@nhs.net.
    Thank you.